Wonderword Appears On Television

Thanks to Veronica Pond who has an amazing eye and pays meticulous attention to detail, we were able to see Wonderword’s latest television appearance. On Monday night (November 30, 2015), Wonderword makes a quick appearance on the FX series entitled Fargo. The story takes place in 1979 and the newspaper is called The Clay County. We managed to get a clip of the scene for all of you to enjoy. And yes a Fargo puzzle is definitely coming.

WONDERWORD lives forever!

One of our fans, “Uncle BTO”, uncovered these unsolved puzzles from 1979 lying around in his basement. He asked if we would like to see them and we emailed back a resounding YES!!!

The size of the puzzles is 20x20 and these ones come from December 1979 and were printed in The Toronto Star.

Please note that the original format has not changed and remains the same other than taglines. That’s from 36 years ago while Jo was the creator before handing the torch over to David. Some things never change.

This goes to show that WONDERWORD lives forever!

Thanks Uncle BTO.

IMG 6978bUncle "BTO" and his lovely wife came by our office today!

Please enjoy the puzzles in its original format.

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The "Log Lady" from Twin Peaks says Thanks

twin-peaks-Log-Lady-200x300On February 19, 2014 we featured a puzzle in the newspaper entitled Famous Catherines.

The next day we received an email from Catherine Coulson who played the Log Lady in Twin Peaks. She was so touched that we included her name in the puzzle.

She sent us this lovely note along with her picture. We wanted to share this with all of you. We also included the puzzle just in case you missed it.

If you live in Oregon, Ms. Coulson will be in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this summer.  


Thanks Ms. Coulson for writing to us and all your kind words.

Sincerely, David Ouellet and WONDERWORD Team

Famous Catherines Puzzle

Log Lady’s Letter

Give The Gift of Life: Be An Organ Donor

Give The Gift of Life: Be An Organ Donor

We were inspired by a young lady name Hélène Campbell who has just received the miracle of life: a double lung transplant. Her story truly touched our hearts and this is a cause that we at WONDERWORD feel is important.

We are all organ donors!

Register today and be an organ donor so people can dance for a lifetime!

http://www.alungstory.ca/wonderword120413 .