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 Wonderword was recently featured in a very interesting article entitled "Seven ways WonderWord can help you be more creative and effective". Not only the way to play the game is brilliantly explained, but the author also adds a fascinating new perspective on our beloved game.

This article by business strategy consultant Stephanie Slater appeared on her blog at www.slateblog.ca, which explores creative ways to promote, communicate and connect

Thank you Stephanie for this amazing and thought-provoking article.


Give The Gift of Life: Be An Organ Donor

Give The Gift of Life: Be An Organ Donor

We were inspired by a young lady name Hélène Campbell who has just received the miracle of life: a double lung transplant. Her story truly touched our hearts and this is a cause that we at Wonderword feel is important.

We are all organ donors!

Register today and be an organ donor so people can dance for a lifetime!

http://www.alungstory.ca/wonderword120413 .




We recently published a puzzle on Yanni as a suggestion from one of our loyal fans Linda Andrusko and he sent us this autographed photo with a kind note. Please enjoy his puzzle!

Download Yanni's puzzle


Wonderword, helpful in learning English


Peter writes to us:

 Dear David

Do you remember my little daughter, aged 8 now, who always did the puzzleswhen in Vietnam and also in a book that you sent to her one year ago? Now shestarted to learn English at school in Germany and Wonderword is very helpful for this.
Your new internet-page is very nice-  All the best for you, your family and your team,

Dear Peter

Thank you for sharing your story with us, along with pictures of your beautiful little girl


A Bit of Trivia - Wonderword in TV Guide

Lisa Engle writes to us:

"David, Thank-you for your response to my e-mail. A bit of trivia for you: WW appeared in TV Guide in the 70's. If I recall correctly, WW was only published once per week during that time or perhaps I only recv'd the week-end paper. Nonetheless, it was my 'me' time to escape into another room with my precious WW. I particularly enjoy the puzzle within the puzzle; trying to figure out what the leftover letters will spell. Always tough for me to do, but I keep trying! I noticed the puzzles are much larger in print than they used to be. Of course you may post any of my e-mails on your site....with one condition: you must correct my awful grammar & spelling errors prior to posting. Blessings to you!"

Thank you for taking me down memory lane and reminding me of Wonderword's amazing history.
David Ouellet