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About The Game

We are so excited to introduce the WONDERWORD App. This App was designed to not only entertain but also to offer a challenge.

WONDERWORD is a word search with a twist. All the letters connect and at the end the remaining letters spell out the solution, or what we like to call the WONDERWORD. The ultimate goal is to find every word in the word list in order for the WONDERWORD to appear.

The puzzles included in the App maintain the same WONDERWORD high standards as the puzzles featured in the newspapers. They have all been handcrafted and carefully selected for your entertainment.

There are a total of 9 rounds and each round has 12 puzzles. Each puzzle has a different theme.

The puzzles are sorted by their complexity and as each round unlocks, the puzzles become more challenging.

How To Play

Objective Of The Game:

The word list is located directly below the grid. When you find the word in the grid, starting at the beginning or ending of the word slide your finger or stylus from one end of the word to the other and release. If the word has been selected properly, each individual letter will be circled or highlighted and the word will be automatically removed from the word list.

Words are found in all directions - vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards and forward.

When you find all the words listed, the solution will appear.

Once the solution appears you will have the option to ‘progress’ to the next puzzle.


In order to unlock the next round you have to earn a total of 3 stars in each puzzle.

To earn 3 stars you have to complete each puzzle in each round under the time allotted.

  • Round One:     Under 15 minutes
  • Round Two:     Under 12 minutes
  • Round Three:   Under 9 minutes
  • Round Four:     Under 7 minutes
  • Round Five:      Under 6 minutes
  • Round Six:       Under 5 minutes
  • Round Seven:  Under 4 minutes
  • Round Eight:    Under 3 minutes
  • Round Nine:     Under 2 minutes

If you wish to play and not worry about the timer you can permanently unlock all rounds by going to the WONDERWORD Store.

You may also pause the puzzle and return to it at any time.

If you don’t complete the puzzle within the time frame and want another chance to earn 3 stars, you can retry the puzzle. It will delete your time and you can try again. There is no limit to how many times you can play the same puzzle.

After you complete all the rounds, you can go back and replay all the puzzles.

There are also hints available that can assist you when you are stuck (read below to learn more)


On each puzzle you play you will have the option to select “hints” when you are stuck. The hints option is located on the top left side of the page.

There are two hint options offered:            

  1. Highlight A Letter: Select a letter that you would like highlighted on the puzzle page. Once the letter selection is made, the puzzle page will have the specific letter highlighted. The highlighted letter will only disappear if you go back to hint options and select ‘Clear’.
  2. Locate A Word: Select a specific word under hints by clicking hints and choosing the word you can’t find. There is a word list that has all the unfound words and once selected the word is automatically circled for you.

There is no limit to the number of hints used per puzzle. Coins will increase as each option is used.


Coins are used for hints.

Every 2 hours you get a free coins up to 10 free coins a day but you have to select the WONDERWORD Store to collect your free coins.

A timer shows you when you can collect your next free coin.

You may also go to the store and purchase various coin packages.


The WONDERWORD Store was designed for you to collect free coins, purchase various coin packages, to automatically unlock all the rounds and/or to remove ads on the App.

See the WONDERWORD Store to see all the packages available to you. All packages are nonrefundable and include taxes, if applicable.


There are accelerator arrows located on the top of the page and it allows you to move quickly through the game.

The left accelerator arrow will always take you back to the last puzzle you were playing.

The right accelerator arrow will always take you to the last round you were in.

Options & Sharing 


Sound & Zoom

Sound Volume: Control the volume or turn it off.

In this section you can enable or disable sound, letter popping and grid zooming.

Highlighting Style:

There are 4 options available for finding the words: 1) Red circles 2) Gray boxes 3) Green letters 4) Blue highlights.

Bragging Rights:

Brag and share your time with friends on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This option is available for you on the puzzle page by clicking on the Pause button located on the top right hand corner.

Share with Us:

We loving hearing from our fans and we personally respond to each email we receive.

Tell us what you think of our App and help us improve it.

Visit us at WONDERWORD.com and give us your feedback.