Meet the Team

SP Sophie

Sophie Ouellet is David’s lovely and talented wife. She created the book about U.S Presidents and co-created the 2nd edition of the Celebrities book. She has learned to make grids and is very creative.

SP Linda

Linda Boragina started working with David in 1995 while studying in the BA program at York University. She has 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. She started as David's assistant and helped make grids and is now editor. She also responds to all our fans personally and make sure that everyone gets that personal touch.

SP Rita

Rita Mancini has been with our team for some time. She is the jane-of-all-trades preparing vocabularies and puzzles for Wonderword, working for her own family business and being a full time homemaker.

SP Angela

Angela Ciotola: Proud mother of 3, Angela is busy creating vocabularies for WONDERWORD. She is very dedicated, loyal and punctual. She never misses a deadline and we are happy to have her on our team. She also works full time for the local school board.

SP Valentina Valentina Perciballi came to work for WONDERWORD as an intern as part of a grade 11 school project. We were so impressed with her devotion and ability that we offered her a part-time job. Valentina is currently in university working on her BA in Marketing. She was promoted to editorial assistant.
SP patricia

Patricia Paladino is a teacher and licensed massage therapist. She also works on theme selections and provides research. She is quite the busy bee.

SP Elizabeth Elizabeth Thurston is the latest addition to the team. She has a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph in zoology. Her love of word searches and writing from an early age gave her the opportunity to begin working for Wonderword creating vocabulary lists. David met Elizabeth through her mother who was his college classmate.
SP Manjiit Manjit Singh Sahota manages our hardware and network both on-site and in the cloud. Manjit comes from Punjab, India and has been doing this type of work constantly for 31 years. We highly recommend him.

Website Management:

 SP max Max Stern of E-griculture.com has been with WONDERWORD since it has gone digital (1998). He has modified and improved our website several times and not only are we proud to call him our webmaster, but our friend too! Max studied at the University of California.

Syndication and Books:

WONDERWORD has been syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication since 1980. They are headquartered out of Kansas City, MO, and we are in good company with features like Doonesbury, Garfield the Cat, Peanuts, and about 200 others.


Clint Hooker is the WONDERWORD Editor at our syndicate, Andrews McMeel Syndication. He has a degree in English from the University of Kansas. Clint is the last person in the long line who check the puzzles for possible errors. He's a big sports enthusiast who had his heart broken when the Kansas City Royals lost the World Series in 2014, but came off life support when they won in 2015.


Christina Craver is Director of special projects for Andrews McMeel Syndication. She supervises the production and distribution of Wonderword books. Christina went to Truman State in Kirksville, MO. and has a BS in Graphic Arts and Photography.


Emily Robertson handles book orders both by phone and online. Over the years she has developed personal friendships with many of our avid fans. People actually go to her office in Kansas City to pick up books! Emily holds a BS in Education from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.


Diana Neuwirth is the newest member of the WonderWord team in Kansas City. She also handles book orders by phone, mail and online. Diana has a BS in Science the University of Missouri-Columbia.

 joyce Joyce Mott editor Emerita was the syndicate’s Editor of WONDERWORD for over 20 years and taught David a thing or two. Since taking retirement, she continues to work as Editor of the WONDERWORD Treasury and Volume books. She hates mistakes! She has a degree in English from the University of Missouri.