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Angela Leverett
Love, Love, Love WonderWord and have been hooked on them for more than ten years. I’m in my 70’s and find these puzzles to be extremely relaxing. When all else fails during times of stress, health issues, death, etc. I can depend on destressing with a WW puzzle; never fails!! Thank you, all?
I agree with Guest 2021-08-13! As I was working the puzzle from a stack of old printed puzzles, I was racking my brain trying to remember where I saw that name. Of course your answer told me! I love your newspaper printed puzzles & didn't realize til today that you do my wonderword app too! Thank You!
I thought it was a lovely testimony to your brother Dr Jay in the WONDERWORD published in our local paperDaily News” in Santa Monica CA Aug 7-8 21. All the words relating to his & you families! Well done!!
I just finished the Happy Easter puzzle. Thank you that most of the words were about Jesus and the real reason for Easter. I copied it for my granddaughters to do someday too. I really enjoy doing Wonderword in my daily newspaper. I didn't know that I could do them online too!
I am delighted to see this website and to download the daily puzzle! My mother became hooked back in the early to mid 1990s and I looked over her shoulder one day and asked why she wasn't circling entire words (as in most word searches). She explained the whole thing to me and I started doing them as well. My dad retired in 1994 and a year or two later, sat with her to do them...a Christmas present from me to them was always a box of red Bic pens. Easier to see, they said. Dad passed in 2002 and Mother in 2012, and I still do the puzzles. I swear I can feel Mother looking over my shoulder and pointing out a word or two! We are roughly the same generation (I was born in 1956 and they in '27 and '30) and I am hoping to turn my daughter or her fiance on to Wonderword one of these days! Thank you so much for a mind-relaxing challenge!
I’ve been really enjoying these wonder words I started doing them when I was at work in the New York post and ever since then I’ve been detected and enjoying wonder words I’ve been buying wonderworld books from Amazon and just enjoying them every time I finish the whole books
Have been enjoying your puzzles for about a year. Could not find them in book stores so ordered on line. They are very addictive. Have you thought doing puzzles for children? Would teach them to spell. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment.
Gary Willett
I have been a daily solver of Wonderword for many years. Until I read on your website the process you use, I thought creating a daily puzzle was super easy. I envisioned that you use a special computer program into which you enter the theme. Then voila! Out pops the Wonderword. After reading about the process your family goes through for every Wonderword, I was amazed. I now enjoy my daily Wonderword fix with appreciation for the diligence and care required to produce it. Please keep doing this. It appears the next generation is ready to continue and that makes me happy!
I just finished a super word search that was created by David in 2015. That was the best word search I've had yet! I'm 61 years old. There was no mistakes in it. Often you find mistakes in the word searches. Not this one. Thank you so much!
Judith Hartman
I have been working with Linda for about a week to create a Wonderword Puzzle for my husband's 96 birthday on May 29. He is a WW II veteran having served in the Army in Europe. He has been working your puzzle every Sunday. His family calls it doing "circles." I recently accessed your website and learned such wonderful information. Now
I print one every day. I so appreciate Linda's patience as I did not make very clear the words that needed to be use. What I provided was more like a rough draft. God Bless You Linda and all those involved in creating Fred's birthday present. I am so excited to be able to give it to him. He will be so surprised!!
Huge fan of your works. I was going to ask how you create them, but, your website explained the process. I'm 72 and have been a fan for years. Please keep it up!
Thanks! Jerry Davis
Robert Stomber
Greetings to you, David, and all your colleagues! You are all so special at what you share for us to enjoy every day. My wife and I are from New Jersey and we wish you all the best! ALWAYS!
Linda Ackerly
Congratulations on 40 years of Wonderword! I look forward to it every day in our local newspaper, The Villages Daily Sun. Please continue. Your puzzles spur me to investigate themes I'm not familiar with. I learn a lot doing Wonderword. Thank you! PS - love the tribute to your wonderful Mom!
In 1999 I started to cut out Wonderword puzzles every week when I got the newspaper, for future use. I put them aside and forgot about them. I recently cleared things in the basement and found these puzzles which are excellent at this time when I have to stay home all the time. At first it was hard but now I’m getting good at it. Thank you so much, David and team!
Beverly Jewett
I look forward to the Wonderword puzzle every day in my local puzzle, the Progress Index, Petersburg, Virginia.Was so surprised to see Arkansas Chocolate Rolls as title and my sister's name, Brenda Smyth, retired art teacher from Searcy county Arkansas named in the puzzle. She founded the Chocolate Roll Festival to raise money for her art students trips. It has really taken off and she still has a part in keeping it going. Thank you so much. How are you aware of this event?
We saw Wonderword in the Sunday News & Observer in Raleigh NC. The puzzle seemed complex and intimidating at first. Then we realized that Wonderword is actually very doable and lots of fun! Good mental fitness activity too. Many Thanks.
Lillian Havens
I am addicted to the wordsearch puzzles. My husband of 60 years was too. It kept is mind alert and I so appreciated that as he was sick for 55 years and i was blessed as a nurse to care for him. Thank you for haring this special gift with all of us. God Bless you. Lillian
marcella belson
I do the puzzle every day, thank you so much!
David, I am sending a huge shout out to you and your marvelous team for this God-Given Wonderword!! I LOVE puzzles and word games and this is right up my alley. I discovered Wonderword in our morning newspaper 3 yrs ago, discovered Wonderword on-line THEN ordered Wonderword Books from Amazon. When our evening newspaper canceled, our morning newspaper combined a portion of the evening games/puzzles into our morning paper BUT canceled our Wonderword! Well, you got it, The Journal Gazette received soooo many complaints that our Wonderword was "put back in" and the ratchetness of the Ft. Wayne, IN retirees became happy again! lol! Be Blessed and Continue in this Wonderful Wonderword Ministry!
Norma Cowan
I want to tell you about my sister Ruth, 89 years of age. She has macular degeneration, so her reading ability is diminishing much too rapidly for a woman who has enjoyed reading and ''puzzling'' for many years. For some time now, her ''test'' of what she's able to see on any given day is to do your Wonderword on her computer. Sometimes she can do it all at one time; sometimes she has to go back later to finish it, but she appreciates it very much. I also love the puzzles! So thank you, David! Sincerely, Norma
Dear David,

I just can't tell you how thrilled I am. It thrilled me that it was a personal note. That meant a lot to me. I've never had anything like this happen to me. I feel like I got noticed. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm excited to get a new book, and I really love my pen. I wouldn't take anything for it. It's pretty, too. That green is so shiny. It's everything I would love — and it even writes!

I can't tell you how wonderful this is! When you've had your life cut down to nothing, it's wonderful to have something you can enjoy. Your WonderWords are real lifesavers.

Thank you so much!
Don Ellis
Thanks to all 3 of you for making my evenings go much faster since there is nothing to watch on TV except Blue Jays Games. My wife sometimes wonder how I spend so much time working on your puzzles. Like someone else on here I have been cutting them out and do them all over and over again. This keeps me going at 85 years of age. Thank you again.
Don Ellis
Lorraine SegerGuest
Firrst became acquainted with Wonderword thru the Mobile Al. Press-Register. Have been addicted ever since! Keep up the good work. Also keeps my 81 year old mind supple!
Jackie Hummel
I have been doing these puzzles for MANY MANY years, I love them.
Louella Hagglund
been doing these for years. have several books
Louella Hagglund
doing them for years.
Avid fan! Thanks so much for getting my mornings going.
The Wonderword; it's how I start my day (and if my newspaper doesn't get delivered, I get cranky!). And what I especially like about the puzzle is the answer you come up with. If it is something I am not aware of, I do a Google search. Thus, the Wonderword is a great leap towards knowledge.
I look forward to my new Wonderword every day. As soon as my coffee is done brewing, I start my puzzle!!
I can't wait for the paper everyday to play Wonderword. Keep up the good work.
Been playing Wonderword since my grandmother got me hooked on it in the early 80s. By far the best of all the word search puzzles!
Love the puzzles! Got the Woderword for IPhone app. Having lots of fun with it.
Sarassie Little
I am so happy that Wonderword Puzzles is available for IOS. I've been playing it everyday. This is my favorite word puzzle game of all time!
When we lived in Dallas, TX, the Wonderword puzzle came out in the newspaper. Since I had young children at the time, I didn't always get a chance to do the puzzle daily. But I would cut them out and save them for when I did have time! It was several years later that I found out I could buy them by the book! Now with the Internet taking place of the newspaper, I can still do my puzzles when I get a chance. Love love love Wonderword!!
I love the new app that was made and I have been doing word finds since I was nine years old keep up the good work
Jim Nyhoff
9 years ago today my Grandma went to heaven after a short infection that landed her in the hopsital. She looked forward to her Sunday paper and I got her hooked on "the puzzle" Each Sunday afternoon I called her to ask her if her puzzle was done. After she died we went over to her condo and there sitting on her foot stool was her puzzle and the special pen that she used ONLY for the puzzle. How fitting that you are offering free pens today on the anniversary of her death.
Pam Mattzela
I am so happy to have an iPad app for wonder word!
Helen Robinson
I first saw these WonderWord puzzles when lived in Canada. Now back in UK and I missed them until saw website for puzzles, and pleased to be able to play on my iPhone! Thanks for creating these Cheers!
Jana Farrier
I am so happy that I can now play wonder word on my IPad! I love wonder word
Lisa Johnston
I was so glad to see and get your new APP. Love these puzzles. I also play the ones online too.
I love the app......I'm always solving the puzzles while waiting for appt or I'm a passenger on long road trips
I love wonderword puzzles. I do the puzzle in the paper and the online daily.
Paul Korcuska
I have been doing the Wonderword puzzles since the mid 80's in the Plain Dealer. I also have the app. Always loved the puzzles.
It keeps my 86 year old brain working.
Rich Earley
Wonderword is always a pleasure to play.
wonderword in IOS
Wonderful app. Love to play it. A few too many adds but still fun.
I've enjoyed your wonderword for years! It's the main reason I buy our local Saturday newspaper. Housework done .. wonderword time on a Saturday afternoon. Thank you!
I enjoy doing Wonderword Search on all fomats, APP, books, online. I miss the daily calendar but enjoy everything else. I also like the fact that when I have a problem I quickly receive help from Linda B.
I love the app......I'm always solving the puzzles while waiting for appt or I'm a passenger on long road trips ...thank you for making it easier to play on the go
Of course I have your new app and I am so happy to have it.
Thank you so much for answering my questions and now I will start playing.
PS. Your app has made many people so happy!
I really enjoy the wonderword. when we moved in 2000 a friend of mine mailed them to me from the news paper, now we are back home and its still in our paper and I still enjoy , I also get them each Monday and Friday on the computer.. Thank You for keeping me busy. My only entertainment is golfing and working my wonderword. Not bad for a 80 year old.
Thank you for the wonderful new iPad app! My 9-year-old son and his
grandmother have been playing Wonderword for years now and it has become a special ritual for him to collect the morning newspaper from the front doorstep whenever we are staying at her house so that they can complete the puzzle together each day. We don't take the newspaper at our own home so my family was very excited to see that the Wonderword app has been released. We love it!
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