Important Information About The Puzzle:

PDF INFORMATION -The PDF is currently having issues opening in FireFox. To download the puzzle successfully, download the PDF outside of FireFox and/or use a different browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.  There is a small button in the top right corner of the Firefox PDF reader which lets you download the puzzle. Once Downloaded it will open in any PDF reader installed. Please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you experiencing other issues.

NEW FORMAT - We are committed to making your experience a pleasant one. To that end, we have added a FLASH version of WONDERWORD and now you have the choice of either playing online or printing out the puzzle as you have always done. The choice is yours.

PLAY ONLINE - Today’s puzzle can be played online in either “AUTO” or “MANUAL” mode. The instructions are very clear and easy to read. See below. Your computer will require FLASH. If you do not see the puzzle below, get FLASH here.

PRINT OUT - We realize that many players will prefer to print out the puzzle and solve just like they always have. We have offered you two ways to print out the puzzle. 1. Place your cursor on either the AUTO or MANUAL button and click the right button on your mouse and a dialogue box will open. Go down and select PRINT. 2. There is a PDF version of the puzzle that can be downloaded and printed out. This is located directly below the Flash version of the puzzle (no Flash is required for the PDF version).

ANSWER - You can get the answer for Today's puzzle by clicking on a link at the top of this page.